About one million Walmart workers will work the holiday shift. In fact, Walmart is opening it's doors up it's doors at 6pm on Thanksgiving for Black Friday shopping, which is two hours earlier than last year. Obviously many employees are upset about this and in my opinion, rightfully so! Thanksgiving is a time for family and to give thanks. To eat and drink. But here are some people who have to go to work! And if the store opens at 6pm, you can imagine workers will have to be there a few hours before that. Walmart is trying to make going to work that day a little bit easier to swallow by having a Thanksgiving dinner available to those who work the holiday shifts. I think that is very nice of them but I think it's ridiculous how these stores are now open ON Thanksgiving. To me it is just such a lack of consideration for their employees. I know some people have the attitude, if you don't like it then go work elsewhere. Well that's easier said than done.

What is YOUR opinion on people working on holidays and does providing a holiday dinner make up for requiring them to work?