Oreos has unveiled a new flavor for the summer, watermelon flavored Oreos. So what they did is replace the vanilla cream with watermelon flavored cream. Apparently it's received positive reviews. The thing is you can only get them at Target and only for the summer.

I'm not a fan of anything watermelon flavored, it's probably my least favorite flavor. I think these Oreos sound gross! Of course I will still probably buy them next time I'm at Target because I will want Louie G and my kids to try them so we will keep you posted on how if we liked them or not.

What do you think? Would you try them? Does this flavor sound good to you?





By all rights, this should be disgusting . . . but the early reviews online are POSITIVE.  The website JunkFoodGuy.com described it as, quote, "a watermelon taste like it had been blended with cream.  Imagine a watermelon ice cream."



They're $3 a package, but you can only get Watermelon Oreos at Target, and just for the summer