Lee Soo-bin who is 10 year-old girl in South Korea, took a CPR class with her mom last Thursday. It's a really good thing she did!

Later that very same day, the fire department where she took the class, got a call about a man who had a heart attack at his apartment complex.

But by the time they got there, he was already conscious and doing alright because Lee saved his life! It's not clear but they believe she and her mom live in the same apartment building and she happened to be there when the guy collapsed.

She started doing CPR, the same CPR that she just learned three hours earlier!

The man had to stay overnight in the hospital but is now back home. The fire department where Lee and her mom took the CPR class gave her an award. The 10-year-old, Lee, is now encouraging all her friends that they should get trained too!


Source: The Korea Times