What makes a man 'irresistible?  A group of women have compiled a list of important ways a man can make himself more irresistible.

Check out these five characteristics:

He tells her he loves her with words, cards, flowers, gifts. Hugs and kisses her many times each day.

He sets aside time very day to talk to her about any and every thing. Their children, plans, his and her feelings and is never judgmental. He is never too busy "to just talk".

Honesty & Openness
He tells her every thing about himself, leaving nothing out that might later surprise her. He talks about his past, daily schedule and future plans.

Financial support
He assumes the responsibility to house, feed and clothe the family. He supports his wife to pursue a career but does not depend on her salary for family living expenses.

Family commitment
He reads to the kids and is active in sports with them and takes them on outings. He discusses parenting and discipline ideas.

What is missing from this list?  One of our callers said 'sense of humor' is a very important characteristic.

On a side note, this is the closest picture I could find of an 'irresistible man!'