Bill Cosby said years ago that kids say the funniest things!  And, I'm sure that everyone has a story or two about their kids saying the craziest stuff.  However, I bet this father in Miami won't be laughing as he heads to jail.

Thirty-four-year-old Robert Burton just got himself a 15-year prison sentence after being convicted of forcing women into prostitution. Part of the evidence against him came from Burton's own 7-year-old son who was in the car with his dad and two women when Miami police stopped them. When the police officer asked the youngster if he knew who the two women in the car were, the kid earnestly replied, "Those are my daddy's Hoes." (WFTV News)

O.K., your turn...what is the funniest, craziest or most embarrassing thing your child has ever said?  I can't wait to see these responses!