Conference calls. While not typically as exciting as skydiving, monster truck rallies, or lion taming, they're nevertheless important for communicating across a company and making sure each member of a given team resides on the same page.

But, did you know, that conference calls can be more exciting?? Well, they CAN! Maybe the hardest part of phone calls in any form is being placed on hold. Normally, you're *treated* to elevator music, synthesized rip-off versions of Top 40 hits (Have you ever heard a child play Bruno Mars' 'Treasure' on a recorder? SO GREAT!) or maybe a power ballad from the 80s (think Poison or Whitesnake).

UberConference enlisted the aid of singer/songwriter Alex Cornell to create the greatest 'on hold' song in history. It's appropriately titled 'I'm On Hold' and perfectly fits the situation many of us have found ourselves in. It's the ideal empathetic song to cure you of your Monday doldrums.

Please enjoy!