photo by Louie G[/caption]Tis the season for spending a lot of money on holiday gifts.  Many of us are turning to on-line shopping to stretch our dollar.

I found an interesting survey from CashStar of more than 2000 Americans.  Check out some of these statistics:



  • More than 38 million Americans have shopped online while sitting on the toilet.
  • 17 million Americans have shopped via a mobile device while standing in the retailer's physical store.
  • 9 million Americans have secretly shopped while in a business meeting, and 4 million have shopped while driving a car.
  • Experts say this is a sign that the popularity of  e-giftcards (gift cards that can be used on your mobile devices) will increase in 2013.


Guilty!  Now, since I have been honest, you have to be honest too.  Have you ever shopped while sitting on the toilet?  What is the weirdest place you have done on-line shopping?