It's no secret that I love jewelry!  People actually think I have a weight problem, but most of it is jewelry!  :)  If I was with a woman walking in the mall, I would be the one stopping at every jewelry store!

Last year, I celebrated my 40th birthday in Mexico...I know, I look really good for 40!  Thank you!  I wanted to buy something to remember my birthday vacation.  So, I had a silver charm made with my name, "LOUIE", in gold accent, in the Mayan alphabet while I was there.

It was nice, but I wanted to add to it.  When I got back I took it to Emil's Jewelry Design and had them build a "G" in gold around the charm.

I love it!  It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I own.  Do you have a favorite piece?  I would love to see a picture of it!


Louie G