This is an easy question for me! I would sleep for that extra hour! I do not get enough sleep by any means! I'm a single mother of two teenagers who do not like going to bed as early as I want them to. And then I get up very early for work. If defiantly takes a toll on my body and mind.

There was a new survey that asked people what they'd do if they had an extra hour each day. Here's what the responses:

1.  Relax, 29%.

2.  Spend time with family, 25%.

3.  Exercise, 22%.

4.  Pursue a hobby, 22%.

5.  Sleep, 16%.

6.  Check something off your to do list, 15%.

7.  Spend time with friends, 12%.

8.  Do chores around the house, 9%.

9.  Go shopping, or enjoy some entertainment  like a movie or TV show, 8%.

10.  Focus on self-improvement, 7%.

11.  Volunteer, 7%.

12.  Work more, 3%.

Work more?!?! Who the hell would say that?!?!

What would you do if you had an extra hour in the day?