We have all wanted a day off!  Even if it's just for our own sanity.

In fact, thirty percent of us have called in 'sick' when we weren't actually under the weather at all.  If my boss is reading this, I have never done that.  If my boss is not reading this, then I have definitely done this.

A story from the San Antonio Express News reports on a woman who went to extreme measures to get out of going to work:

Police in San Antonio found 48-year-old Sheila Baley Eubank, tied up with rope and in the back seat of her car. She said a man she could not identify kidnapped her at knifepoint as she drove up to an ATM machine. He then forced her to chauffer him around the city for apparent drug deals. Only one problem -- none of it was true. Turns out Sheila just wanted a day off from work. Surveillance video footage showed a "healthy, unhurried and pleasant" Sheila withdrawing cash from the ATM and purchasing lottery tickets. When police showed her the tapes, she confessed to fabricating the story. Detectives also found a lottery ticket in her purse, bought at approximately the same time and date she claimed she was abducted. She is now charged with aggravated perjury. (San Antonio Express News)

I think that when Sheila gets out of jail she should consider a job change.

What's the craziest thing you've done to get out of going to work?