This morning I woke up about an hour earlier than usual, ready to have a better and less stressful day than yesterday. I was excited to start my day with a stop at Starbuck's, something I can only do when I get myself out of bed early. I got to Starbuck's, received a text message and quickly the wrong person.

I sent a text message that was meant to go to my my father. The message really wasn't bad but I did curse in the message. For my brother and I growing up and still to this day, we do not curse in front of our parents. We might have a slip up every now and then but out of respect we never curse around them or at them. I'm not big into cursing as it is, but in this particular message we were annoyed at something that had happened and that simple phrase I texted went to my father instead of my boyfriend. I found myself trying to stop the text from sending as if there was anything I could do. I'm sure if anyone was looking at me, my facial expressions were priceless!

Maybe you need a little more background on why this was not the way to start my day. Growing up we would get yelled at for saying things like "that sucks" and my father does not curse AT ALL. I would much rather have had that text go to my mom instead! She would have gotten a good laugh out of the mistake but since it went to my dad I'm feeling little guilty about it.

I'm sure there are MUCH worse messages that could be sent to the wrong person! Have you ever sent the wrong text to someone it REALLY shouldn't have gone to? Tell me about it in the comments below!