I feel like this topic is most prevalent for people that from in the mid/older twenties and above.

You start dating someone, you know or at least you have a pretty good feeling that they aren't seeing anyone else. The person occasionally marks their territory in public by putting an arm around you, introduces you to their friends and what not but when exactly are they your boyfriend or girlfriend? Does it matter?

To me it matters and it doesn't at the same time. If you have trust with someone then it doesn't necessarily matter but if it is so unclear and you aren't sure if you should be seeing other people or not, maybe it is important. It's a weird conversation and not one that I would even know how to start. When we get older, dating becomes a little different. You don't necessarily need to tell everyone and their brother you have a boyfriend or girlfriend for but argument's sake over seeing others and what not, how are we supposed to know otherwise? Do we wait for them to introduce you as so to someone? Is it when you meet their parents? Is it a certain amount of time? I have yet to figure this out so if someone has any advice, feel free to send it my way! Until then, happy dating!