Have you ever wondered where Aria Montgomery got her stylish boots? Or where to get all of those classy jackets worn by Olivia Pope? I am very excited to share the treasure I found last night with all of you! I stumbled across a website that will give you the exact link to purchase everything worn by the characters in your favorite TV shows!

I was catching up on The Carries Diaries last night and as always, loving the 80's fashion featured in the episode. The cool thing about this show is that all the fashion is actually what's trending NOW! Carrie was wearing a dress that I fell in love with and I decided to try to find it.That's when I stumbled across wornontv.net!

On this site you can find links to clothes worn on shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, New Girl, Nashville, Modern Family and much more! This website was such a great find! Enjoy!