If you watched the premiere of American Idol then you might have heard someone say that they were from Binghamton, NY! I went on a hunt on Twitter and on Facebook and it seemed like everyone was asking the same question but there was no answer. BUT... after a lot of searching I finally found the answer I was looking for....

Photo: Kiesha

The girl from Binghamton that was on American Idol is... Samantha Johnson! Samantha was nice enough to do a little interview with me via Facebook so I could share her experience with everyone! Here is what Samantha had to say about her experience at the American Idol auditions:

I waited in line for probably 4 hours so it wasn't as long as I thought it would be and it was totally worth it. I sang Warwick avenue by Duffy in the first round but it was so nerve racking being at something so big for the first time! Every where you went there was people singing and playing instruments it was so much fun! I was disappointed that I didn't make it but I'm excited to go back and try again next year now that I know how everything goes!"


Thank you Samantha for sharing your story and good luck next year!