I didn't realize that outhouses were hot items to steal.  But, I guess they are.  Just ask Randy Nemirsky.  He is from Edmonton, Alberta and he wants it back!  He is even offering a $507 reward.  That is all he could scrape together.

This is not just any outhouse...he built it with his son, Nick.  They built it last year after tearing one down that had been on their farm since 1936.

He is asking for help from people in the area.  It is 8 feet tall and made from ply wood and two-by-fours.  It has a soft-seat toilet cover and an 80 year-old door from his mother's basement.  (Huffington Post)

I think we have all dumb things when we were younger.  I actually stole a golf club from a sports a long time ago.

What is the dumbest or craziest thing you have done or stole before?