Why does this stuff never happen to me??

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Bob Blackley celebrated his 57th birthday in a very unique way. He gave away all of his birthday gift money to total strangers. While carrying a sign that read: "I have a job. I have a home. Could you use an extra $5?" the retired school teacher darted through traffic and handed out $5 bills to motorists at a busy intersection. One grateful woman asked, "Why?" Bob responded, "Because it's my birthday! Please take it quick or I'm going to get run over." In a few hours he had handed out all of the $285 he received in birthday money. Then his wife, Carol, came with more cash as she had promised to match his amount should he need it. Carol said, "I hope people pay it forward. This is what it's all about." Meanwhile Bob says he can't wait to do it next year for his 58th birthday. Look, it's cool and all but who still gets birthday money when they're 57???? I haven't seen any of that since I was around 15! (WXII News)