Last Thursday was Holly Wood's birthday. And we wanted to make her something special. I ended up being out Wednesday night till about 10:30 because I attended a fundraiser at the zoo and then I needed to go grocery shopping and then get Caleb from football practice. I really wanted to make her a cake or some sort of treat but by the time I got home it was too late. To my surprise when I woke up in the morning my daughter and her friend took it upon themselves to make some cake pops. They decorated them and they looked so beautiful and they even wrote her a nice note to go along with it! We are a big family here at Wild 104 and it defiantly falls into our home lives as well. My children love Holly Wood like she is their aunt and I think that's why we have such a special radio station because we really all are family! Kiesha is the queen of cake pops so I'll have to ask her how the girls did and maybe she can give me some cake pop baking lessons!