I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm too old for Downtown.  State Street belongs to the college kids, which is why I'm happy to be hosting Wild 104's Halloween Costume party at Antonio's Galleria and Cafe in Endicott Saturday night.

Antonio's is a great place if you want to enjoy great food, drinks and music, without the usual downtown nonsense.  I'm there every Thursday for Team Trivia Night, but for Antonio's Halloween Costume Party, we move the tables and turn Antonio's into a dance party.  Come out in costume, we are going to have prizes for 'scariest', 'sexiest', and 'most creative' costumes.  I tell you right now, if someone can pull off 'Frankenstorm', they are halfway there to winning most creative.

Have you ever tried Absinthe?  No better time than a Halloween party to try Hemmingway's and Van Gogh's favorite spirit.  It's perfectly legal, and Antonio's will have Lucid Absinthe for you to try, as well as some fall-themed cocktails.  No tricks, but lots of treats, with many flavors of Antonio's famous hand-made Gelato for dessert.

Wild 104's Halloween Costume party starts at 10:30, with the costume contest starting around midnight.  Admission is free.  Antonio's Galleria and Cafe is located at the corner of  Oak Hill Ave and Watson Blvd in Endicott.