During the last couple of years I have made a point to make fitness a part of my everyday life. Getting a workout in 3 days a week is better than 0 days a week! I've been known to make a lot of excuses as to why I can't work out and then I realized how silly all of those excuses were. In last week's Move It Monday, I told you that everyone has at least a half hour in their day for a workout! Hopefully we can all realize that! Now that we are leaving excuses behind, I'm sharing some of my workout essentials!

Keep in mind these aren't things you NEED for working out. These are just some of my favorite things!

Water, Music, Gloves

Photo: Kiesha

Water and music are kind of obvious so I'm just going to jump to the gloves. I use these for lifting to avoid ripping my hands apart! I'm being a little dramatic but you get the point!

Sneakers & Gym Bag

Photo: Kiesha

I'm in love with Nike Free Runs! They are super light and comfortable and give me enough support during my runs. You really don't need an actual "gym bag" but I liked this little one and the color and...yeah I just wanted it! I will say that it's a good idea to keep all of your workout gear together so you don't waste time getting ready for the gym and so nothing is forgotten.

Polar Watch

Photo: Kiesha

I love seeing what my heart rate is up to as well as seeing the calories I'm burning. This helps me realize whether or not I'm working hard enough!

Smoothies and Protein

Photo: Kiesha

Don't forget to fuel your body!

What are your workout essentials?