I have to admit that some of the things I pray for I don't want anyone to see...especially my wife!  But, if you have PG prayers you want answered then this is something for you.  I found this story on Reuters.

The Friars of Holy Name Province, who staff 40 parishes and have collages, soup kitchens and food centers up and down the eastern seaboard are the latest religious group accepting prayer requests via text messages.  They are calling it, 'Faith at your Fingertips.'  All you have to do is text the word "prayer" to 306-44, free of charge.  A welcome message from the Friars comes up along with a box to type in your request.

The prayer requests are received at their website and will be included collectively in the Friars' prayers and twice a day at Mass.

I hope the numbers aren't sold to telemarketers.  But, I think it's a nice idea.  What do you think?