Last week I sent my cell phone out to get fixed.  It is part of my insurance plan that I got on the phone when I bought it.

The insurance company says that the turn-around time to get the phone back is about a week.

I thought that it would be easier than it really is.  After all, a week goes by so fast anymore.  I even scoped out payphones in the area to 'stay connected.'

Well, it's been four days and I am going crazy!  I have never realized how much I depend on my phone.  Not only do I use the cell phone to make and receive calls.  I use it to text (never while driving), check my email, go on Facebook, take pictures and use the calender.

I went out to dinner last night, and when the bill came I reached for my cell phone to calculate the tip.  Once again, no phone!  By the way, because my math is so bad the waitress made out great!

I need my cell phone back!

How long could you go without your cell phone?