The other day I was near Holly Wood's office and I heard this buzzing sound....I thought to myself "that's rather weird." So I knocked on the door and she told me to come in. Then I saw it....her shaving her legs! She said she must have missed a spot when shaving and it was driving her nuts so she went down to CVS to get an electric razor to take care of the spot she missed. The funny thing is later in the day DJ Rich Styles asked her if she ever shaved her legs at work and she got all defensive and asked him if he had been talking to me. He said "no, but I came across this survey about weird things people have done at work and one of the things on the list was shaving legs so I decided to ask if you have done it." Too funny! And in Holly Wood's defense we can all relate to missing a spot when shaving and it's so annoying!

What's the weirdest thing you or a coworker has done at work?