So according to NBC's Today Show, the latest trend in the world of weddings is to send "you're not invited" messages to people you absolutely do not want showing up at your big day.

This is just the latest in a downward spiral of the tactfulness of humanity.

According to the report, the most given reason for sending out such a cruel and unusual announcement is lack of space at the couple's wedding venue.  The bride and groom end up feeling guilty, and voila... here's your rejection letter.

Personally, I feel this tactic is just downright rude.  Send invites to the people you want to attend and leave out the ones you don't have room for.  I've been left off the guest list many times and I got over it.  I understand why I wasn't invited and wasn't going to make a big deal about it.  Let me tell you though, if I had gotten a "hey, loser, stay away from our wedding" message, I would have been infuriated.

The age of social media and being able to connect in a millisecond should not also usher in an age of rudeness and downright disrespect.  I'm hoping this trend dies as quickly as it started... we don't need more cruelty in this world.

So what do you think?  Is this something you agree with?  Would you ever consider sending out "you're not invited" announcements?