This was in a catalog I received over the weekend.  'Everything You Need To Be A DJ' it says.   It's weird to have your profession distilled down to a few pieces of equipment.  It would be like a Staples ad for a calculator and a box of pencils that said 'Everything You Need To Be an Accountant'.  As someone who has some experience as a DJ, I would say there are a few more things you need that don't come in a $1,500 kit.

The biggest complaint I have heard about pro DJ's are that they either cancel at the last minute, or just don't show up.  I have gotten a few calls from frantic brides that their DJ cancelled on them.  Another big one is that they don't play the songs the customer wants to hear, just songs the DJ's wants to sound cool mixing.  You'll also hear about the occasional one who will drink too much, or hit on your bridesmaids.

So unless this DJ Kit includes some experience in customer service, responsibility, and pride in ones work, it doesn't have EVERYTHING you need to be a DJ.