'Back to school' time is right around the corner and although some kids are excited, this might not be the case for others. I'll admit that I was the little girl who cried when her parents left her at school…everyday…until the end of 2nd grade! Separation anxiety is the worst. Thankfully, I got over it, but it took three full school years (haha)! If you fear that your child might be a little timid about heading back to school, check out these tips for making the transition a little smoother:


If your child is entering kindergarten, make sure to attend the orientations. If you are unable to make it, try to arrange a time when your child can meet the teacher before the school year begins.


Talk to your child about what their school day will be like. Hopefully you'll be able to answer any questions they might be concerned about and prepare them for what's to come.


If you can find a couple of children that you know will be in your child's class, try setting up a play date. Your child will be at ease when they walk into their classroom and see a familiar face!


Pack something in their backpack that reminds them of home. I remember in second grade, I had a photo of my parents and when I felt homesick, I would look at it. I also wore a cute little heart necklace that my mom gave me and that always made me feel better.


Most importantly, be patient with your child. They may not adjust right away, so it is important to remember that it will take time.


I hope these tips will help with easing your little one into school!