Time to play another addition of 'guess where the pizza is from!'  I am on a mission to find every delicious pizza spot in the Southern Tier.  We are lucky here to have a ton of great pizza places in the Binghamton area.  My problem is that when I am craving a pizza I tend to draw a blank on where to go.  I don't want you to have the same problem.  So, all you will have to do is go to wild104fm.com and click on my name (Louie G) and you will see a bunch of delicious pizza places to check out in town!




This week's delicious pizza is from a spot in Binghamton.  It is a 12 inch white garlic pizza.  Everything from the crust to the cheese to the mix of seasonings make this pizza delicious! This spot also offers a bunch of 'specialty pizzas' that are great.