It's time for this week's 'Cutie Of The Week!'

My pick this week is Kristin Wiig.  Maybe you know her from Saturday Night Live or the movie 'Bridesmaids.'

Kristin Wiig is extremely funny and cute!  She also has an adorable smile.

Kristin grew up not too far from us here in Binghamton.  She went to high school in Rochester. So, she is sort of a local girl.

According to an on line study, single men and women say the most attractive characteristic of a person is a sense of humor.  Kristin is that and then some!

When I pick my 'Cutie Of The Week', I only have one criteria...the winner has to be 'Cute!'  I hate the 'Hollywood' standard that you have to be a size 0.

Congratulations to my 'Cutie Of The Week' Kristin Wiig!  If you come through Binghamton, I owe you a great big hug for being the winner!