It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Halloween already! I know some children are a little bit spooked when it comes to Halloween. I also know that some people may not be too thrilled to walk around a dark neighborhood when it's bitterly cold to collect candy! That's why I have come up with some other activities to do tomorrow night other than trick or treating!


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    Watch Scary Movies

    If you have little ones maybe you should stick to Charlie Brown or Casper. But if you have older kids, you can't go wrong with Hocus Pocus!

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    Tell Ghost Stories

    Again, this isn't ideal for the little ones but this could be fun to do with your tweens! Let them make up the stories so it'll be a little less scary for them if you think it will spook them!

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    Carve Pumpkins

    I haven't had time to do any pumpkin carving so I might be doing this tomorrow night! It's not too late, you can always carve out your favorite cartoon character and display them right in your home for the next week or so! You can also cover them in glitter like I have done in the past!

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    Roast Marshmallows

    Roasting marshmallows is such a cozy and delicious thing to do tomorrow! If you have a fireplace in your house, I am very jealous because you can roast your marshmallows, sit by the fire and relax! Sounds like a good night to me!

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    Have a Family Halloween Party

    If you're not into going out tomorrow night, have everyone IN! Put out some festive Halloween treats and enjoy everyone's company! You could actually do all of the previous ideas I've listed during your little party!

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