I remember back when I started my fitness journey I could eat like nobodies business! As I started to become more fit I would realized myself getting full faster. If I ate too much, I would get stomach aches and eating unhealthy foods has a different effect on me as well!

You would think that feeling full would make me stop eating....nope. That sounds really bad but let me explain. Yesterday for lunch I was eating a "Fiesta Wrap" from a local coffee shop. My body was telling me it was full but my mind was thinking "this wrap is too good to waste so keep eating!" I finally told myself to put the wrap down!

One of the best tips for staying fit or slimming down is to just listen to your body. When you are full, stop eating. Your body is telling you that it got what it needs so why overdo it? You'll do yourself a favor and save yourself from stomach aches and unnecessary, extra pounds! Definitely keep this tip in mind during this holiday season!

Have a great weekend!