Want to get fancy for your next get together? How about dressing up your wine glasses? Step into my craft room...let's make some wine charms the DIY way!

What you'll need:

Beads (small beads of any shape or color of your choice)
Earrings from any craft store


  1. Create any pattern you'd like with the beads. I chose to use 3 beads for each charm.
  2. Make sure all your charms are different! These charms come in handy for get togethers. Everyone has a different charm making it easy to tell your glass apart from the others!
  3. After "stringing" your beads on the earring, bend the end of the wire that doesn't have a loop with the pliers (see photos below for how much to bend it).
  4. Put charm around the stem of your wine glass.
  5. Put the bent end of the earring into the loop to fasten your charm.

You're done! Cheers!