We now have so many different ways to communicate that somewhere in the mix, I think technology has overtaken social etiquette.

It is now rare for me to receive a phone call instead of a text message. People express themselves on facebook rather in person. This makes me wonder, are we using technology such as texting and social media as a way to avoid real honest face to face communication?

I have talked to several people about how inappropriate I think it is for a man or a woman to break up or tell someone they are no longer interested in seeing them romantically via a text message or over facebook. You made your bed, man up and lie in it. People deserve the respect of a face to face conversation regarding such personal matters such as relationships.

I realize this is a hard conversation to have for many, I never said it wasn't, but you have to think if you were in the other person's shoes, wouldn't you want to be granted the respect of having a conversation in person?

Just because the technology is there, I don't believe we should use it for these purposes. I find it rude and disrespectful. Am I alone on this or do you agree?