Summer is the time for picnics, class reunions, family reunions and fun outings.  This also means that proud parents are going to parade their children around and show off pictures of them in cute poses.

What do you say to a proud parent who says, "isn't little Johnny the cutest baby you have ever seen?"  In reality, it looks like they fell out of the ugly tree!

I have found a picture of the CUTEST baby ever!  It just so happens to!  Everyone I have shown this picture to says that I was definitely the cutest baby they have ever seen.  It's usually followed up by, ''what happened?"  But, that is besides the point.

And, because I am such a nice guy, if you have an ugly baby, feel free to barrow the baby picture of me to show off!

Editor's note:  Please don't take any of this blog seriously, except the part where I say that I was the cutest baby ever.  That part is going to be hard to deny!