Kim Kardashian gave birth to her baby girl on Saturday.  Kanye West was at the hospital at the time.  There's no word on a name yet....but supposedly, It'll start with the letter "K".  The girl was born five weeks early, but the baby and Kim are fine!

I thought this would make you chuckle this morning.  Here are some things that Kim and Kanye's baby would say if she could talk.  Enjoy!




1)  What do you mean, I've gotta return to the womb so cameras can get a different angle?

2)  Sure, you love me now, dad.  But wait until I wanna listen to Taylor Swift.

3)  Why's daddy crying?  Oh, that's right . . . nobody's paying attention to him.

4)  Do any of you people have jobs?

5)  My daddy is the most amazing man to ever grace this planet.  Just ask him.

6)  I wish this director guy would stop yelling at me.

7)  Why doesn't grandaddy's face move?

8)  I'm sorry, but WHY is mommy famous?

9)  Do all newborns have to sign a production contract agreeing to the unlimited use of their image?

10)  What stinks more:  My diaper or Daddy's new album?      (The Complete Sheet)