Last week we took Bentley, who is the cutest but naughtiest puppy ever, to his first grooming appointment. I was wondering how it would go since he has a mind of his own. We dropped him off and she asked me do you want just a puppy trim which includes his face and his feet or do you want a full body trim? I laughed and said well you haven't met Bentley yet! Why don't you just do what you can do and I will pay you accordingly. Let's just say when I picked Bentley up he didn't look much different! Apparently he was terrified of the blow dryers. He also didn't like to get his feet touched, so trimming around his feet and his toenails were quite the challenge. She gave me a homework assignment of blow drying him and having me touch his feet so he gets used to that. We shell see how his next grooming appointment goes!