Last week I realized just how attached we have become to our new family member. Bentley was sick last week, he threw up a few times and I noticed he wasn't his 'wild' self. I figured he just ate something that upset his stomach, or he had a stomach bug and he'd be okay in a couple days. Well, I was wrong. I came home last Thursday, and he really wasn't doing good. He had an accident on the floor, and it was filled with blood. We were in a state of panic, so I called the vet. I told them we were getting in the car NOW, and would be right there! They took good care of our little Bentley. They had to take some blood to run some tests. The pictures are while we were waiting for the results to come back, and I decided to take him outside where it was a little quieter.

Bentley ended up having a bad stomach virus and was extremely dehydrated. They gave him medicine and fluids and was put on a special diet of boiled chicken and potatoes. I'm happy to say he's almost back to himself a week later, not 100% but I'd say 90%. We are so happy our little baby is okay!