I have been getting stopped by people lately and they want to hear more stories about my puppy Bentley. So I figured I'd start a new segment called "Puppy Antics". Bentley is very naughty but the cutest little guy you will ever meet, so you could never get mad at him! In fact I had one friend tell me that God must have given him to me because she could see another owner getting frustrated with him and give him away or as horrible as it sounds someone may even abuse him, where I just laugh if off.

The other day I had to take my six-month-old puppy Bentley to the vet for the first time. He needed a check up and a few shots. Well the vet had a lot of fun with Bentley! We walked in and he greeted them by peeing on the floor, I think that was just him showing them some love. He was a little handful for the vet. She talked to me about teaching him to do tricks and learning to behave. And I said he's just a baby he doesn't know any better. She told me he was old enough and could learn and then told him to sit and of course he doesn't listen, he's just a baby! Boy have I been wrong! In a matter of five minutes she taught Bentley how to sit!  I couldn't believe my eyes! How did she get him to listen to her? So she taught me how she did it and how he is supposed to be a rewarded with treats when he does the command I am asking him to do. We have been practicing all week long and I'm happy to say my naughty little puppy is beginning to learn to listen. Okay well I won't go that far! He has learned to sit when told. I have to say it was a successful trip to the vet!