Here is what this week's letter writer has to say:

"The other day I was texting with my best friend, and I put my phone down for 15 minutes because I had some chores to do. I came back to THREE text messages from her.  First she made a random comment . . . then she asked why I wasn't responding . . . and finally then she asked if I was MAD at her. I couldn't believe it.  If this is how she is when she texts guys, I can understand why she's single. Sending three texts in a row is WAY too needy. Are there rules when it comes to texting?  How many texts in a row is too many?"

Well her texting too much or sounding insecure could be a reason why she's single. But you as her best friend should be able to help her out and talk to her about this. She clearly is feeling insecure and it scares her, I feel bad. I think you as her best friend have an obligation to explain you're not going anywhere and if you were mad or upset, you'd tell her. Also talk to her about how it comes off when she says things like this because she may have no idea!  As far as too many texts being too much...there is no right or wrong in my book...if they were there jokes you would have laughed, I think it was more of the context.