Here is what this week's letter writes:

"My ex-boyfriend and I are still good friends . . . we dated for a few years, but we've both moved on. Except my current boyfriend doesn't like that I still hang out with my ex.  He thinks once you end a relationship, you should end it for good. Well . . . I did hang out with my ex over the weekend.  We went to dinner and had a good time . . . but as friends.  Except I LIED to my boyfriend about it.  I just didn't want to deal with it.

Should you lie to your significant other if you hang out with an ex?  Is there any reason for them to know . . . especially if they're going to over-react?"

No you shouldn't lie to your to your partner about anything! If this is something that really bothers him then you should be more understanding and respectful. If staying friends with your ex is THAT important than I think you need to have all three of you meet and hangout, maybe your boyfriend will see that it's only a friendship and nothing to feel threatened about. Bottom line....don't will make things worse!