Here is what today’s letter writer had to say:

"When I was younger, my friends and I used to make fun of the creepy older guys who hung out at the local bars. But now I’m 38, and my friends and I still go out to the same bars to drink and have fun, even though we’re married with kids. I realized over the weekend that everyone in the bar was younger than us and it made me feel weird. Are we the creepy older guys now?  How old is too old to go out and get hammered with your buddies?”


Dear Anonymous,

Who the hell cares if you are the “creepy old guys at the bar”?!?! If you and your buddies get together for a fun night out and your not neglecting your family or doing anything your not supposed to, I say go for it! I don’t think there is an age on this kind of stuff. We are all the same age on the inside, it’s just the body that ages. So I say enjoy yourselves and who cares if the younger crowd looks at you like the “creepy old guys”…I think you’re guys who just like to cut loose and have fun! Bottoms up!


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