I am not sure what qualifications you have to have to get this job but you can bet I will be applying!

The First Choice Travel Agency in the United Kingdom is advertising for what it says is one of the most fun jobs in the world-- a water slide tester.

Yes, they're offering a salary of $28,000 for six month's work traveling the globe and trying out the exhilarating chutes at its SplashWorld resorts. Thrill-seeker Tommy Lynch held the job for the last four years and called it "the best job in the world." He said, "It can be tough when it's chilly and you have to strip off, but otherwise it's great." Lynch, from Liverpool, who hung up his trunks last month to take a new job, hurled himself down slides about 5,000 times during his stint. He also clocked up 108,000 miles travelling between the 20 resorts in countries like Turkey and Egypt. (Ananova)

When I was younger I worked at Felix Roma Bakery...nothing beats getting fresh bread right off the conveyor belt!  What's the best job you have ever had?