I grew up in the 90's and I remember how much I loved all of the games, toys, and TV shows! Today I am sharing 10 of my favorite toys from the 90's and this post will be follow with plenty other 90's posts! Let's get started...



I LOVED my Bumble ball! Maybe I shouldn't admit this but I'm pretty sure at one point I put mine on a leash and held it as it bounced around. Quite the imagination I had...



I didn't actually have a pair of these but I remember my neighbor did. I loved bouncing around with these!


My cousin collected trolls and I loved to play with their hair!


 I couldn't wait to get to McDonald's to get the newest beanie baby! I think some people might have gotten a little carried away when these came out though!


 What kid didn't love collecting and trading their pogs?! I was always so jealous of the kids who had the giant tubes full of them!


Remember this doll with the extra heavy head so she would do flips?!

I was obsessed with the idea of having one of these...but never had my own (tear).


I used to get the miniature version of these at the Calvin Coolidge School Store! Who did the same?!

Polly Pocket

No wonder my parents never got me one of these! So many little pieces to get lost!

I don't think I had this one in particular but I had another version! This was a must have for us girls!

Part 2 is coming soon! What were your favorite toys growing up?