It's time for your weekly dose of fitness inspiration or as I like to call it, fitspiration! I've given you tips on staying motivated and how to get the most out of your workouts, but today I want to express the importance of listening to your body and giving it a break here and there.

I've worked out a lot during the last couple of years and have had to take a day or even a week off from time to time. It is important to let your body recover after working it to the max! Rest weeks will give you a full body recovery. It will help you shake off that  burnt out, sluggish feeling. Taking a break also lets you reevaluate your workout, change up your routine if necessary and even a chance to get yourself motivated again. Sometimes, when I'm just not feeling like I'm able to give it my all because I feel so exhausted I will take that week to recoup and it gives me the chance to get excited about my workout again!

Now don't go around telling people that you're on a rest week just because you don't feel like working out after you haven't been putting any real effort in! That doesn't count :-)

Quick recap on the benefits of a rest week:

  • Reevaluate your workout and make changes where necessary
  • Find your motivation again
  • Full body recovery