Join Wild 104 for a holiday excursion to the Big Apple! Shop in world-renowned stores in New York City and find the perfect gift for anyone! Shop until you drop of pick up just a few things. Either way, you'll be enjoying the unbelievable winter-wonderland atmosphere that is NYC. From the lights, to the decor, to the people watching, the City can be a magical place during the holiday season.

When: Sunday, December 9th at 7 AM (Leave NYC to return at 7 PM)

Departure Location: Binghamton (Eastern Travel Oneonta Bus Lines Parking Lot, Upper Front Street)

Return Location: Meet at 7 PM at Bryant Park

Breakfast: Best Bagels of Binghamton

Dinner: Pizza from Jim Roma's Bakery

Trip Entertainment: Christmas movies will be shown during the bus ride

Tickets Available: Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM at 59 Court St. Binghamton

Price: $104 per couple ($52 per person)

Listen to Wild 104's Christmas music player to get in the mood and we'll see you December 9th!

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