I'm the biggest sucker for a man in a suit. I find it very attractive! I've asked my friends what they preferred, and some said they like a man in a suit but most actually have told me they like a guy in just jeans and a t-shirt. I had to disagree with them! So they other day I came across this survey asking just that and I had to fill you all in because maybe some nice single men are planning on coming to mine and Louie G's Red Hot Single Party and they are wondering what to wear.

The survey said more women like men in a suit than men in casual clothes, meaning I win! Of course many gave the politically correct answer saying clothes don't matter, which is true when it all boils down but I'd imagine you are more attracted to one or the other.

So guys if you are planning on attending our Red Hot Singles Party, maybe you want to throw on a suit! I know I will be happy along with 33% of all women!