My heart and prayers go out to all those that have been affected by this heinous crime in Connecticut. It's very hard to wrap your mind around how someone could do this.
My heart breaks for the parents who sent their children to have a normal, fun day at school but learned their little one would never come home. The staff who went to work on a Friday morning, looking forward to the weekend and Christmas parties and holiday shopping only to never make it to the weekend.
My heart breaks for the children who were in that school who saw and heard what they did. Their innocence forever gone and their lives forever changed.
I don't talk about it much, but three years ago my children witnessed my father drown. They have relived that moment in time many times to me. They told me the things they heard, the things they saw, my father's last words and sounds, all while they were trying to save his life. My son was a hero and able to save my mother from drowning. But what I know is how their lives have been forever changed in a blink, their innocence gone. As a mother it's hard for me that I wasn't there to do the most important job that I have and that is protecting them. I have lots of guilt. They have guilt they couldn't save my dad (their grandpa). My heart breaks for these children who survived and their parents who now have children who came home Friday completely different children than when they left in the morning. My children and I are so very sorry.