Yes men you were right! A new study out of Duke University says women are more likely to be angry, hostile and grumpy in the morning than men. But there's actually a good reason, and it's scientific! Women's bodies need more sleep than men's, approximately 20 minutes more. The study also found that when women don't get enough sleep, it increases their risk of heart disease, stroke, and depression.  Men's health is not affected in the same way. So see guys there's a reason why us women are grumpy in the morning and there is no reason for men to be!

I think that if a man wants to prevent dealing with an angry, hostile, grumpy woman in the morning he should do a few simple things. Yes it would take some work, but in the end isn't having peace and happiness worth it!? I think that guys let his lady sleep in, she needs that extra 20 minutes and he should make breakfast and serve it in bed with a large cup of coffee, who could stay grumpy with treatment like that?! Your welcome ladies!