Hello again, fellow shopaholics! There are only 12 days until Black Friday, are you ready?! Last time, I told you the importance of going out with a shopping list. Now that you have worked on your shopping list, there are some more details to keep in mind.


Since you now have an idea of what you want, decide what deals are the best or the deals that you just can't handle not snatching up. The stores that carry those items are where you want to head out to first.

Know what times stores open

This is very important because the item you are looking for may only have limited quantities! You don't want to miss out because the store opened earlier than you thought!

Collect Sales Ads

When Black Friday sales ads come out, be sure to hold on to the ads for the stores you will be shopping at. I will discuss the importance of this in our next "lesson" but for now put them aside in a safe place!

Collect store coupons

There will be a ton of coupons floating around for Black Friday deals so make sure to keep an eye out! Also, clip any other coupons that can be used for your shopping trip. Set these aside and we will get everything organized in our next lesson!

Only 12 days until Black Friday! Check back for how to organize your ads, coupons and lists!