What is this craze known as twerking? Why is Miley Cyrus doing it? Where did it come from? Have no fear, I got you.

The definition of twerking is the moving of the buttock up and down and side to side in a circular motion. This is normally done by a woman.

Twerking originated in the early 90's in the New Orleans bounce music scene. The term twerk was first mentioned in DJ Jubilee's 1993 single "Do the Jubilee All" where he say "Twerk baby twerk baby twerk twerk twerk." For those of you that are younger, you may remember The Ying Yang Twins use of it in the song "Whistle While You Twerk." You can view both videos below.

And finally, why are we twerking? Well, simple because it has become a mainstream trend. The celebrities are doing it. Not every woman can do it. Thus, it is becoming popular. Twerk away my friends!