I had the privileged this past Saturday to host a really cool show.

Our friend Mike, who is a musician, decided that we all get the winter blues so we need to spice things up. He came up with the idea of getting all the local musicians together in one room to have fun and play music. He planned a great party and invited all the local musicians and he also asked everyone to bring a dish to pass to keep the event very intimate.

So what he did was have all the singers put their name in a bucket, all the guitar players in another bucket and so on. Everyone was supposed to come up with a funny and creative band name. Then I randomly selected names out of the bucket to form a band and also selected a band name for that band. The band had to get together and they had just a couple of minutes to pick one or two songs to perform. No songs could be repeated throughout the night.

What a blast this was! The last hour was a total 'free for all' where you just jumped on stage with whoever to perform. It was awesome to see so much talent in one room. Also all ages were there...some long time local musicians to new ones all playing music together.

It was such a great idea that turned into an amazing night. Also money was raised to help out a local family who suffered a tragedy right before Christmas. There needs to be more support for local music and Mike promises there will be another Winter Blues and maybe even a summer one!