I can always tell when Louie G is lying, well let me rephrase that, I can USUALLY tell when he's lying! I can also tell when my children are lying, but they rarely lie. They have truth serum running through them, unlike their Uncle Louie! Can you tell when someone is lying to you? Here are five tips on being able to tell. Parents pay attention!

1.They change the way they talk.  Well all have a manner in which we speak in. But when some is lying they tend to talk faster, or slow things down and sometimes the pitch of their voice can go up or down.

Maybe they start saying "um" or they STOP saying it.  But if something in their voice is out of the ordinary, it's a good sign they're not telling you everything they know.

2. They avoid saying "I."  Research has shown that people are less likely to use personal pronouns when they're lying.  It's a way of creating psychological distance between themselves and the lie. Interesting....

3. They have an answer for everything.  When you're telling a lie you don't want it to look like your lying so the pressure is on to be convincing. So they tend to ramble on and try hard not to hesitate so it looks more convincing.

4. They fidget unnecessarily.  You have to know the person because some people just tend to fidget more than others. But when people are lying they tend to fidget more. Maybe they start to rearrange stuff or play with their hair, can't sit still Not just nervous movements, but fiddling with random objects.

5. They keep saying, "To tell you the truth."  A lot of liars have a tendency to keep saying phrases like, "To tell you the truth," or "To be perfectly honest ". This is because they are trying to convince you have they are being honest.

So how do I know my children are lying? Again it is very very rare but I can tell by the tone of their voice and their facial expressions.

How can I tell Louie G is lying? Well when he says "I swear I didn't eat pizza for breakfast" that's a given that he's not tell the truth!